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Where are the Most Expensive Homes in Hawaii Located?

The state of Hawaii is situated in the northern portion of the Pacific Ocean, roughly 3,900 km west of San Francisco. It is composed of more than one hundred islands, only a hand full of which are of any significance. The name of Hawaii is adapted from the Proto-Polynesian hawaiki, implying a ‘place of the gods.’ So where the most expensive homes in Hawaii located? Well, considering its beauty, year round moderate temperature and heavenly scenic views, into considerationthroughout Hawaii obviously.

Where are the Most Expensive Homes in Hawaii Located?

If you look at the ten most costly homes on the islands, five are situated on the island of Kauai. These amazing pieces of divine real estate generally tend to be very large, thus offering lots of privacy. They also have access to private beaches with the most scenic views, are made up of more than one building and come with the best possible fixtures and designs.

Kauai’s Most Affluent Homes:



  • The property known as the Raptor is valued at nearly sixty two million dollars. Situated in a fairly new development ,it is neighbored by seven of the twenty-five most expensive homes in the state of Hawaii. The property was constructed in 2003 and sits on five acres of land the 10,000 sq. foot, five bed house is laid out in a succession of 14 one story pods, giving it a dimension of breezy wonderland.
  • Other pieces of property ranging between thirty to forty million dollars in value located in the area are equally ostentatious. Generally the real estate is owned by millionaires or billionaires prefer to stay anonymous and tend to build strong walls of privacy separating themselves from the tax records.


Oahu: Another Property Hotspot


Traditionally the main Island, Hawaii has been the cheapest when it comes to cost of living, finding cost effective housing in the state is a trial none the less. While prices of property are steep all over the state, by tradition the island of Maui has been home to the most expensive property in the archipelago.

According to the University of Hawaii Economic Research Organization (UHERO), the average price of homes on the island is continuing to go up with median prices in 2016 reaching over $800,000! Oahu real estate is more costly due to limited number of homes, very moderate mortgage rates and a job market that is improving. The most desirable neighborhoods include Kahala and Kailua on the North Shore of the island.

Hawaii is named one of the ten richest states of U.S. The cost of living in this state is 65% higher than the national average and part of the reason for this elevation is the fact that nearly all consumer goods have to be brought in across the ocean. This includes construction material, which escalates the prices of homes. Real estate prices are a major factor in the cost of living.